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5 weeks course

From 05/16 to 06/13

from 10 am to 11:30 am

Penta and Proexis - EAD

What is the reason for the proexist to consider penta as a priority of the autoproexis?

Penta (personal energetic task) “is the transmission of consciential, assistance, individual energy; programmed with a daily schedule, of human consciousness, aided by a helper or helpers; in the state of ordinary physical wakefulness; directly to needy or sick consciexes, intangible and invisible to common human vision; or conscins projected, or not, close or at a distance, also needy or sick” (VIEIRA, 1995, p. 12).

It is one of the means to develop existential programming through interassistance, indispensable for the achievement of existential completism.

The convergence of efforts in the fulfillment of the proexis makes Penta a logical goal and a natural path for those who want to reach other steps in evolution.


Clarify the fundamentals of Penta.
Understand the interactions between Penta and Proexis.
Deepen the understanding of Proexis through interassistance.
Stimulate the qualification of Penta.


Interested in Assistance through the Penta technique, developing concepts according to Conscientiology and Proexology.

Course prerequisite: basic knowledge of conscientiology.


 INVÉXIS, PENTA, PROEXIS and Evolutionary Analysis
Extracted from Meeting Class 1800 - Wednesday - 01.05.2011 - 1800 - Tacit challenge (Challenge)


Wildenilson Sinhorini

Wildenilson Sinhorini, Administrator and mathematician, master in education and specialist in university management. Volunteer and professor of Conscientiology science since 1994, penta practitioner since 1995, APEX volunteer since 2008 and epicon since 2012.

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There are 7 modules, divided by weeks:

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