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Penta (personal energetic task) "is the transmission of consciential, assistantial, and individual energy; planned on a daily schedule, by the human consciousness, assisted by one helper or more; in the state of ordinary physical vigil; directed to needy or sick consciousnesses, intangible and invisible to the ordinary human vision; or projected conscins, or not, near or at a distance, also needy or sick" (VIEIRA, 1995, p. 12).

PENTA was officially released to the general public in 1966, as documented in the book 700 Conscientiology Experiments, by researcher Waldo Vieira.

"The instinctive, fetal, empirical and non-technical PENTA has always existed in a sketch-like manner among human consciousnesses awakened to multidimensionality since immemorial times. These practices have been aggravated and polluted by the intrusions of mysticism, archetypes, brainwashing, intraphysical conditioning, sacralizations, human insufficiencies and social repressions of all cultural types".

(VIEIRA, 1995, p. 12).


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