Conscientiological Volunnteer Work


Apex Foundation.

APEX – International Association for Existential Programming is the Conscientiocentric Institution, founded on February 20, 2007, non-profit, based on volunteering, without mystical, religious or political-partisan connotations, whose purpose is research and education about the purpose existential and personal and group evolution, from the consciential paradigm. To read APEX's Bylaws, 

CNPJ: 08.678.121/0001-07

“The Conscientiocentric Institution is the one that concentrates activities in self-research of consciousness and consciential re-education, based on the corporate name and transparent legal statutes, being intrinsic, cosmoethical and conscientially healthy” (VIEIRA, 2006, p. 4876).

APEX goals:

  • Self-awareness:  assist in the identification, understanding, recognition and application of evolutionary guidelines of existential programs.

  • Self- empowerment:  provide the development of existential skills and abilities, such as: self-management, self-organization and evolutionary self-sufficiency.

  • Self-performance:  to offer knowledge and conscientiological resources for the expansion of self-performance and evolutionary interassistantial self-return.

  • Intelligence:  helping in the improvement of evolutionary, proexological intelligence and the expansion of interconsciential rapport with Evolutiologists.

  • Maxiproexis:  strengthening the consciential bond aiming at the realization of group maxiproexis.

APEX Foundation

Volunteer Team


André Shataloff | General secretary

  1. Ana Catarina Lima

  2. Analu Gallotti

  3. André Pereira

  4. Gaius Polizel

  5. Carlos Cardoso

  6. Carlos Odone

  7. Christianne Guetza

  8. Cristiane Gouget

  9. Cíntia Cardoso

  10. Claudia Fonseca

  11. Cristiana Hasper

  12. Cristina Ribeiro

  13. Cristinara Alves

  14. Cristine Lopes

  15. Daniela 

  16. Denise Tornieri

  17. Eduardo Zanella

18. Eliane Gallotti

19. Epifania dos Santos

20. Fabiano Moreira

21. Fábio Fonseca

22. Fátima Silva 

23. Fausto Camargo
24. Gabriel Baldissera 
25. Gabriella Dias 
26. Helen Matos

27. Ismar Bessa 

28. Ivan Luiz Maria

29. José Inácio de Sousa 
30. Laênio Loche 
31. Larissa Imperico
32. Marcelo Pires

33. Márcio Niemeyer

34. Maria De Falcis

35. Maria Isolete D. Nágera

36. Marianne K Jacob

37. Melanie Messner

38. Mônica Marcon 

39. Niedson Vasconcelos

40. Pietra Luah

41. Raquel Cardoso

42. Richardes Cavalcanti

43. Roberto Mello

44. Simone Zanella

45. Tasso

46. Tharles

47. Thiago Dutra Santi

48. Vânia Hernandes

47. Viviane Acunha

48. Wildenilson Sinhorini 

49. Yatra