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Anthem Brass Vst (Updated 2022)




Whether you’re a flutist, trumpeter, french hornist, or have just begun to develop a love for this genre of music, Brass is a perfect tool to add into your music production arsenal. It has the most flexibility for harmonic manipulation in any other flute, trumpet, french horn, trombone, saxophone or any other brass section plugin currently available for commercial music software. It's true you have to be a real pro to pull off some of the cool moves it has to offer. But with patience and a little bit of work it's well worth the time and effort. It's so worth it because once you get a feel for it, and master it, you'll be able to load up your favorite music software, open up Anthem Brass, set your hands to the keys, and play to the beat like a real professional. It's so much easier than trying to master all those notes on your own. Anthem Brass is known for it's extreme flexibility and harmony manipulation. (Refer to the demo video for examples.) Here's some quick tips for getting started with Anthem Brass: 1) Brass requires live playing and will not play back music files. 2) The flute and horn section can be set up as a melodic instrument like the piano. You can use the note selector to set the pitch of the instruments to the notes of your choice. This is one of the coolest features because it lets you play your favorite music using the note selector. 3) Brass can also be set up as a percussion instrument. 4) You can load up your sound card at any time and there's no waiting for the plugin to load and "warm up" like other plugins. 5) The whole plugin is completely muteable. 6) Brass comes with some preset "brass techniques" to get you started, and a built-in metronome and touch sensitive velocity controls to get you into a good rhythm. 7) We've provided a complete manual with complete notes for every setting in the plugin for your convenience. 8) Although it's a standalone product, it's still multi-platform. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and VST3 compatible. The following demo video shows some of the things you can do with this plugin. Clip 1 -



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Anthem Brass Vst (Updated 2022)

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