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Proexological Library

Collection of technical-analytical sheets of biographies of personalities in history from the point of view of Proexology.

Set of proexological, evolutionary and useful resources, techniques and tools

Quarterly publication or newsletter organized and edited by APEX volunteers.

Collection of evidence related to the technical study of existential programming – a benchmarking resource for testing proexists.

Electronic version of the technical-scientific publication edited by APEX – International Association for Existential Programming.

Collection of conscientiological gatherings from CEAEC (long-course course) on the topic of Proexology.

The management framework  personal is  presented weekly in a very practical way by teachers Caio Polizel (season 1, episodes _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badde5cf158 ad) e  Maria Isolete (season 2, episodes  from 101 onwards).

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