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COMMUNICATION The International Association for Conscientiological Communication is the Conscientiocentric Institution focused on the evolution of consciousnesses and specialized in Communicology that studies all aspects of communicability, including interdimensional communications, which consider the integral approach to consciousness and out-of-body experiences with lucidity.


CONSCIUS. International Association of Interassistantial Conscientiometry  is Conscientiocentric Institution, Non-Voluntary, Non-Volunteer-centric Conscientiocentric Institution and political party, whose purpose is to develop research and studies of the principles and methods of conscientiological measurement, from the proposition of verpons related to Conscientiometry and the application and expansion of the Conscientiogram, focusing on cosmoethical interconsciential assistance._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ .


UNESCON. International Union of Writers of Conscientiology  is the Conscientiocentric Institution between conscientiological authors, constituted by the authors of conscientiological books writers and the qualification of verpons and masterpieces.


OIC. International Organization of Conscientiotherapy  is the Conscientiocentric Institution, non-profit and maintained by the work of its volunteers Conscientiotherapy.


COSMOETHOS.  A  International Association of Cosmoethicology  is the Conscientiocentric Institution, non-profit and maintained by the study of its volunteers, specialized in the study of its volunteers .


ENCYCLOSAPIENS.  A  International Association of Conscientiological Encyclopedia  is the Conscientiocentric Institution, founded on December 21, 2013, dedicated to research , production, review, defense and dissemination of entries in the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology


ECTOLAB.  A  International Association for Laboratory Research in Ectoplasmy and Parasurgery  is an international non-governmental, non-profit, multidimensional, non-profit, universalist, conscientious-dimensional, non-governmental, universalist, non-governmental, universalist, dimensional institution , agglutinator of consciousness, conscins and consciexes interested in the qualification of parasurgical interassistance and carrying out pedagogical and research activities in the area of Ectoplasmic Research methodology.


AIEC  A  International Association for the Expansion of Conscientiology  is a conscientiocentric institution, of a civil nature, with no educational and scientific purpose aims to foster and support projects of other Conscientiocentric Institutions or those related to their principles, developing research, education and social assistance programs, based on the consciential paradigm.


ARACÊ. International Association for the Evolution of Consciousness  is the Conscientiocentric Institution focused on third sector consciousness research, focus on group evolution.



UNICIN.  A  Union of International Conscientiocentric Institutions  is an organism of a conscientiocentric, political/interassistantial, for 2005/2005 basis the objective of implementing the bases of the World State, based on consciential reeducation and synergism between CCCI volunteers and their segments.


ASSYNVEXIS.  A  International Association for Existential Inversion  is the Conscientiocentric Institution focused on the study of consciousness, with no scientific, educational and cultural purposes for profit, independent, which aims to promote, disseminate and debate on the technique of existential inversion and related topics.


INTERCAMP  A  International Association of Conscientiology Research Campuses,  founded in the city of Natal, 2RN, Brazil, is an Institution Conscientiocentric education and research, non-profit, maintained by volunteers, universalist, secular, non-doctrinal, non-partisan, non-governmental and independent.


JURISCONS. International Association of Paralaws,  legal entity governed by private law, incorporated as a non-profit civil association economic, is the Conscientiocentric, interassistantial, multidimensional, universalist, scientific, cultural, educational, non-partisan Institution, specialized in para-law activities, governed by cosmoetic principles


RE-LEARNING.  A  International Association of Parapedagogy and Consciential Reeducation  is the conscientiocentric education and research institution (conscientiocentric) relating to Parapedagogy, Re-educational and Erudiciology.


EDITARES. International Association Edites  is the Conscientiocentric Institution, founded on October 204, 204, for profit, independent and maintained through the voluntary work of dozens of employees.


ASSIPI. International Association of Interarsistential Parapsychism  is the institution specialized in the study of conscientiocentric research, development, practice, and parapsychiatry. aiming at the mature use of self-parapsychism, an essential attribute for consciential evolution.

CEAEC. Centro de Altos Estudos da Conscientiologia  is the scientific, non-profit, non-governmental, non-governmental and non-governmental organization -religiosa, created on July 15, 1995 and dedicated to courses and research in the area of conscientiology science focused on the integral study of consciousness.


IIPC. International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology  is the institution of Scientific Education and Research, secular, secular, pacific for profit, non-doctrinal, independent, which stands out for its excellence in technical-scientific courses and publications on the sciences of Projectiology and Conscientiology.


EVOLUCIN. International Association of Conscientiology for Children is the Conscientiocentric Institution, non-profit that works in the voluntary system, which aims to extend the science of Conscientiology to the childhood and its educational, social, family and school context


CONSECUTIVEConsecutivus  is the non-profit Conscientiocentric Institution specialized in seriexological, holobiographical and paragenetic research (Retrocogniology) . org


IC TENEPES.  The International Association of Pentology is an interassistantial, universalist, scientific, cultural, educational, transnational, multidimensional and independent Conscientiocentric Institution, without mystical, religious or partisan political connotation, organized based on the conscientiological volunteering, which is dedicated to the theoretical study of the Personal Energetic Task (Penta).

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