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Program content:

  1. Proexological self-planning.

  2. Strategies for existential planning.

  3. Elaboration of a strategic proexological map.

  4. Creation of proexological indicators.

  5. Monitoring and control of existential self-planning.

Proexological Self-Planning Course

Through practical dynamics, the course aims to encourage self-reflection on the planning, implementation and monitoring of self-proexis.


  • Provide methodology for the construction and implementation of proexological self-planning.

  • Assist in the development of scoring strategies, monitoring and control of existential self-planning.


Program Content: 

  • Parapsychic Self-Proexis.

  • Energetic Self-Defense and Proexis.

  • Parapsychic Assistance and Proexis.

  • Paraperceptiology and Proexis.

  • Paraphenomenology and Proexis.

  • Parapsychic Maturity in Proexis.

Parapsychic Self-Proexis Course

The course aims at the development of lucid parapsychism, consciential parapsychic maturity and multidimensional interassistantiality in favor of the satisfactory achievement of personal and group existential programming.


  • Provide reflection on parapsychic self-proexis.

  • Expand the intermissivist conscin's rapport with extraphysical helpers.

  • To favor the evolutionary forwarding of proexista works.


Program Content: 

  • Biographology and consciential paradigm.

  • Personality survey and survey script.

  • Cosmoethical exemplarism.

  • Technical autobiography.

  • Self-research through the study of biographies.

Course Biographology and Proexis EaD

The course offers a series of resources to facilitate learning and interaction with activities related to research and study of biographies.


  • Provide an overview of the Biographology specialty.

  • Relate Biographology to Consciential Interassistantiology.

  • Develop skills of the exemplary conscin.

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