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Module 4

october 03

From 9 am to 12 pm

PROEXIS CYCLE - Module 4: Evolutionary Narrative

• What is the meaning of life? 

 • What is your role in the world?

• Do you feel an emptiness or something to accomplish?

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Existential programming or proexis is the maximum planning of human life. In order to plan it and, later, carry out the plan, it is natural to assume the need to understand life.

The understanding of life involves, among other notions, knowing what it is composed of; for organizing its elements in an understandable way; and for establishing  possible relationships  of a person's life with that of other beings and with the whole of reality.

In this way, the chances of success in completing the proexis increase when there is a cognitive scheme capable of analyzing, interpreting and explaining human life. Considering both the intra and extraphysical nature of reality, a model of transcendental understanding of life is needed: a  evolutionary narrative.

Ajudar a  compreender o funcionamento da vida no contexto evolutivo  é a proposta do  módulo 4  do _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Proexis Cycle.


Key question for this module: How to understand how your life works?


• Analyze and interpret your life from a transcendental cognitive model.
• Understand the dynamics of your existence as part of the evolutionary mechanism.
• Assign multidimensional meanings to different moments in your life.

Program content:

1. Evolutionary dramas: proexological script (evolutionary narrative); casting and paracastology (proexological links).
2. Conflict (objective vs. obstacles), conflictive levels (ego, group and polykarma), transformational arcs (recin, recexis).
3. Initial situation, existential inciting incident, existential complications, existential climax and outcome.
4. Protagonist-proexist, antagonists-harassers, supporters-helpers, assisted, mentors-evolutiologists.
5. Proexological plots: restorative, maxidisidentological, adjustment (miniproexis), expiatory, amplifying.

Parapsychic techniques: MBE; EV; paraperception of extraphysical helpers (paraproexologists).


• Interactive online classes.
Downloadable texts and slides .
• Free access indications: articles, entries, videos and others.
• Suggestions for parapsychic activities: individual techniques.

Faculty:  Multidisciplinary team com  24 faculty members - volunteers from different cities and countries.

This module can be taken autonomously, independently of the others (individual registration), or as an integral part of the   Complete Course   ( full registration ).

Did you have any doubts?

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