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8 Modules / Classes: Aug 20 - Nov 27 

9 am - 12 pm (Brasília)

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Proexis Cycle – Online Course

What is the meaning of life?

Do you feel an existential emptiness or that you have something important to accomplish?

What is your role in the world?

Everywhere, at different times and up until today, thousands of people wonder about the meaning of life.

Some experience an existential emptiness, unable to see a meaning to their existence. Others have the feeling of having something to accomplish, of having a unique and non-transferable task, a kind of purpose, mission, or life project. They feel that they were born to contribute to others, to humanity, to the world.

For conscientiology, the goal, objective, or greater purpose of one's life corresponds to the concept of existential program or proexis.


The main purpose of the Proexis Cycle Course is to help us understand this topic in a scientific, transcendent, and evolutionary manner.

Investiment: R$ 420,00




  • Find a broader, transcendent purpose for your life.

  • Avoid or overcome existential emptiness by embracing your unique role with the world.

  • Achieve personal satisfaction by fulfilling the existential program.


Program Content:


  • Properties of the existential program (proexis).

  • The conditional aspects of each existential program contents.

  • Ways to put your existential program into action.

  • Model to understand the workings of your life.

  • Techniques to find out your existential purpose.

  • Avoidances and adjustments of possible deviations from your proexis.

  • Ways to manage your life to achieve existential success.

  • Parameters to evaluate your evolutionary results in life.

Course structure (8 modules):

*You can take the Complete Course (all modules with a promotional value) or only the modules of utmost interest.

Click on each module to register:


• Interactive online classes.
Downloadable reading material and slides.
• Free access to recommended scientific papers, conscientiology encyclopedia entries, videos, and more.
• Tips on individual parapsychic techniques.

Teachers: Multidisciplinary team with more than 20 teacher-volunteers from several cities and countries.







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