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Module 8

November 26th

From 9 am to 12 pm

PROEXIS CYCLE – Module 8: Proexological Assessment.

• What is the meaning of life? 

 • What is your role in the world?

• Do you feel an emptiness or something to accomplish?

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When a project is put into practice, there is no guarantee of correspondence between the proposed (planned) and the ongoing process (realization), so it is necessary to monitor activities and results to evaluate a  _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ congruence between initial expectations and actual results. In this way, corrective actions can be taken and problems can be prevented or minimized.

With proexis it is no different. In order to increase the chances of success, it is necessary to assess the degree of conformity between the existential planning, elaborated before being reborn, and the execution throughout the current life. To carry out this function, an assessment of the existential program is used: estimating the percentage of completion achieved and indicating eventual course corrections.

Helping to evaluate the results of existential programming is the proposal of module 8 of the Proéxis Cycle.


Key question for this module:  What are the results of your proexis so far?


• Understand the importance of taking stock of your own life.
• Establish a balance between mistakes and successes, failures and achievements, and losses and gains.
• Learn the parameters and indicators to assess your evolutionary performance.

Program content:

1. Relationships of proexological assessment: existential self-control, self-monitoring and self-correction.
2. Proexometry: proexogram; parameters: content and form; proexonomy (laws); proexological transversality.
3. Proexometric indicators: evolutionary impact, proexological coverage, evolutionary productivity; euphorin.
4. Existential balance (types), proexometric scale (maxicoplexis, complexis, pericomplexis, hypocomplexis)
5. Self-relay; 3 evolutionary futures; pre-evolutionary balance; pre-intermissiology; intermissive harvest.

Parapsychic techniques: MBE; EV; rapport with the evolutiologist.

Faculty:  Multidisciplinary team with more than  20 faculty members - volunteers from different cities and countries.

This module can be taken autonomously, independently of the others (individual registration), or as an integral part of the   Complete Course   ( full registration ).

Did you have any doubts?

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