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Module 6

october 29

From 9 am to 12 pm

PROEXIS CYCLE – Module 6: Anti-deviation of Existential Programming.

• What is the meaning of life? 

 • What is your role in the world?

• Do you feel an emptiness or something to accomplish?

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One of the most common metaphors about human life is that of walking. The succession of events, experiences and situations through which the individual passes, throughout his existence, constitute his life trajectory.
If life can be equated with a path to be followed, then existential programming becomes the roadmap or map to lead to the final destination (the completion of evolutionary goals).

Thus, in the same way that a wanderer runs the risk of losing the right path, so in the course of life a person can stray from his existential purpose. Obstacles, traps, wrong choices and inappropriate attitudes jeopardize the realization of existential programming.

Therefore, walking along the evolutionary path requires prophylactic and corrective actions to avoid or rectify possible deviations from the proexis.

Helping to prevent and correct deviations from existential programming is the proposal of module 6 of the Proéxis Cycle.


Key question of this module:  How to avoid or correct the possible deviations of the proexis?


• Diagnose the risk factors most likely to lead away from life purpose.
• Know the most common attitudes, mistakes and obstacles to the loss of existential programming.
• Prevent or correct existential deviations through paraprophylactic and realigning strategies.

Program content:

1. Deviations: wrong choices, anti-proexis traps, bambúrrios, extraphysical harassment (manipulations), macro-PK.
2. Anti-proexis: mini-dissidence, anti-discernment, murism, ignorance, idle friendships, consciential basement.
3. Consciential ectopia: sectarianism, intraphysical (melin) and extraphysical (melex) melancholy, existential incompleteness.
4. Proexopathies: Merivel syndrome, proexophobia, proexological anxiety, proexological myopia, existential emptiness.
5. Prophylaxis: proexological anchor, target assistance, self-deintrusion, evolutionary priorities, task resumption.

Parapsychic techniques: MBE; EV; SO-DISSIM.

Faculty:  Multidisciplinary team with more than  20 faculty members - volunteers from different cities and countries.

This module can be taken autonomously, independently of the others (individual registration), or as an integral part of the   Complete Course   ( full registration ).

Did you have any doubts?

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