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Module 3

september 17

From 9 am to 12 pm

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PROÉXIS CYCLE - Module 3: Realization of Existential Programming

• What is the meaning of life? 

 • What is your role in the world?

• Do you feel an emptiness or something to accomplish?

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In general, the most difficult part of any project or undertaking is not the initial planning or the later evaluation. The most laborious, arduous, time-consuming and most effortful phase is implementation.

And existential programming is no different. The moment of fulfillment corresponds to the critical period, the moment of truth for existential success.
Throughout life, both unforeseen and setbacks arise, as well as favorable circumstances and occasions, intra and extraphysically. Thus, the fact that there is a plan does not guarantee that it will be put into practice satisfactorily.

Thus, fully complying with the proexis requires dedication, perseverance and discernment to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

Helping to carry out existential programming is the proposal of module 3 of the Proéxis Cycle.


Key question for this module: How to put your proexis into practice?


• Get real evolutionary success in life from the satisfactory fulfillment of the proexis.
• Discover the main opportunities and the most common obstacles to completing the proexis.
• Use advanced techniques and resources to implement your existential purpose.

Program content:

1. Stages: pre-rebirth; realization (preparatory, consecutive and finishing phases); post-desomal (evaluation).
2. Existential forces: favorable (existential contributions, extraphysical assistance); contrary (obstacles, deviations, harassment).
3. Resources: strongtraits, tri-giftedness (intellectuality-parapsychism-communicability); macrosome; morexis.
4. Techniques: invexis, recexis, penta, ofiex, consciential pregnancies, tasks, volunteering, existential self-management.
5. Evolutionary groups: evolutionary duo, coadjutors, ICs, Cognopolis, Conscientiological Community (CCCI), Interlude.

Parapsychic techniques: MBE; EV; facial clairvoyance.


• Interactive online classes.
Downloadable texts and slides .
• Free access indications: articles, entries, videos and others.
• Suggestions for parapsychic activities: individual techniques.

Faculty:  Multidisciplinary team with more than 24 professors - volunteers from different cities and countries.

This module can be taken autonomously, independently of the others (individual registration), or as an integral part of the   Complete Course   ( full registration ).

Did you have any doubts?

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