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From 07/03/2022 to 07/24/2022

10:00 am to 11:30 am (Brasilia time)

Who can benefit from the Penta and Proexis course?


If you are interested in Assistance through the Penta technique, developing concepts according to Conscientiology and Proexology, then this course is for you!!


prerequisite: basic knowledge of Conscientiology

The Personal Energy Task –PENTAit is a preferred technique in intraphysical life with direct repercussions on personal consciential evolution, being an individual technique of transmission of assistance energy, aided by an extraphysical helper. Indispensable for those who aim for existential completism, it is a means of working on existential programming and that facilitates interassistantiality at a high level.

The convergence of efforts in fulfilling the proexis makes Penta a logical goal and a natural path for those who intend to reach other steps in evolution.

The Penta and Proexis course aims to present concepts and ideas for personal development in the pursuit of greater understanding and achievement of life goals related to interassistantiality.


Contact us for more information.
WhatsApp: +55 (051) 3307-2963



BRL 250.00can be paid in installments. 

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