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 (personal energetic task) “is the transmission of consciential, assistential, individual energy; programmed with a daily schedule, of human consciousness, aided by a helper or helpers; in the state of ordinary physical wakefulness; directly to needy or sick consciexes, intangible and invisible to common human vision; or conscins projected, or not, close or at a distance, also needy or sick” (VIEIRA, 1995, p. 12).

“Instinctive, fetal, empirical and without technique penta has always existed in a sketchy way among human consciousnesses awakened to multidimensionality, since time immemorial, practices that have been aggravated and polluted by the intrusions of mysticisms, archetypes, brainwashing, intraphysical conditioning, sacralizations, insufficiencies. human and social repressions of all cultural types” (VIEIRA, 1995, p. 12).


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