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Technical-Scientific Publication of Existential Programming

About / About the Magazine

Revista Proexologia is the technical-scientific publication edited by APEX - International Association of Existential Programming, in Foz do Iguaçu - PR / Brazil, which aims to disseminate research on Proexology - a specialty of conscientiology applied to the studies and research of existential programming (proexis) personal and group of conscins in general, and respective evolutionary effects.

APEX, founded on February 20, 2007, is the Conscientiocentric Institution, non-profit, based on volunteering, without mystical, religious and political-partisan connotations, whose purpose is research and education about the existential purpose and evolution personal and group, from the consciential paradigm.

The copyright of this edition was assigned by the authors to APEX. The articles published in this publication are the responsibility of the respective authors and inclusion in this journal does not imply endorsement by the journal and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of APEX or the editors.

Papers should be sent to the email:

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