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The existential support service is the personalized service to assist in the solution, planning and decision of issues directly or indirectly related to existential programming, personal destiny and life in general.


  • Occasional: single session lasting 50 minutes.

  • Intensive: consultations carried out in 5 consecutive days.

  • Extensive: weekly appointments lasting 3 months.

Required to)!

Topics for SEAPEX


 The research topic; which specialty to dedicate; identification of the target audience.


 Marital decisions; relationship with dependents; karmic group adjustments; preparation of the book of creditors.


Which profession to choose; whether or not to take a higher education course; professional change strategies; open own business.


self-organization to start penta; planning for the production of consciential pregnancies (gescons).


Reconciliation of the profession and personal volunteering; choice of CI to volunteer; to move or not to Foz do Iguaçu


Holosomatic Health

Somatic self-care routine; weight loss actions; self-management of personal health.


how to make the nest egg, debt discharge; preparation for retirement; personal property management.


participation of parapsychic dynamics; parapsychic self-development plan.

Team of Proexologists

Vânia Hernandes

Seapex coordinator

University professor, people consultant, graduate in Business Administration, postgraduate in Positive Psychology; certified by the International Association of Coaching Institutes and SLAC; Conscientiology volunteer since 2006 and teacher since 2012; Proexologist since 2008; co-author of the book Projeto de Vida para Jovens.


Wildenilson Sinhorini

Educational consultant, graduated in Administration, specialist in academic management; Conscientiology volunteer since 1994 and professor since 1994; proexologist since 2008; penta practitioner since 1995; author of the book Norms for Paper Presentation and co-author of the book Penta: Assistência Interdimensional Lúcida.


Laênio Loche

Lecturer and lecturer in critical thinking and cognitive skills, specialist in didactics and teaching methodology; Volunteer in Conscientiology since 1990 and professor since 1997; proexologist since 1993; penta practitioner since 2008; co-author of the work Existential Self-Management.


Fausto Camargo

Administrator. Teacher. Conscientiology volunteer since 2004. Professor for 10 years. Penta practitioner since 2012. Verbetograph. Volunteer at APEX since 2016. 

Fausto Camargo.jpeg

Gaius Polizel

Educational consultant, university professor, graduate in Business Administration, postgraduate in HR Management and Organizational Psychology, Master in Business Administration; Conscientiology volunteer since 2000 and professor since 2004; penta practitioner since 2004; author of the book Corporate Governance in Higher Education and co-author of the work Guidelines for Existential Self-Management.


André Shataloff

Consultant in organizational culture and innovation, majoring in Psychology, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Pedagogy, Master in Integrated Management of Quality, Environment and Safety, MBA in Active Teaching Methodologies, specialist in Occupational Safety Engineering. Conscientiology volunteer since 1992 and professor since 1996; Proexologist since 1993; penta practitioner since 2001; co-author of the book Gestações Conscinciais II, author of conscientiology entries such as: Antipodia cooperation-competition; Safe house; Boundary of fear.

Andre Shataloff.jpg
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