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APEX - International Association of the Existential Program is a Conscientiocentric Institution, founded on February 20, 2007, non-profit, based on volunteering, without mystical, religious or partisan political connotation. Our focus is on research and education about the existential purpose and personal and group evolution, from the consciential paradigm. 



“The Conscientiocentric Institution is the one that concentrates activities in self-research of consciousness and consciential re-education, based on the social reason and transparent legal statutes, being intrinsically, cosmoethics and conscientially healthy” (VIEIRA, 2006, p. 4.876).



Assist in the identification, understanding, recognition and application of the evolutionary guidelines of existential programs.


To promote the development of existential skills and abilities, such as: self-management, self-organization and evolutionary self-sufficiency.


To offer conscientiological knowledge and resources to expand self-performance and evolutionary interassistantial self-performance.


To help improve evolutionary and proexological intelligence and expand interconsciential rapport with evolutionists.


To strengthen the consciential bond with a view to carrying out the group maxiproexis.



André Shataloff | General secretary

  1. Adriana Ceratto

  2. Adriana Pires

  3. Amanda

  4. Analu Gallotti

  5. Ani

  6. Caio Polizel

  7. Carlos Cardoso

  8. Carlos Odone

  9. Cláudia Fonseca

  10. Cristina Ribeiro

  11. Daniel Sampaio

  12. Denise Tornieri

  13. Eliane Gallotti

  14. Fabiano Moreira

  15. Fábio Fonseca

  16. Fátima Silva 

  17. Fausto Camargo

  18. Gabriel Baldissera 

  19. Gabriella Dias 

  20. Helen Matos

  21. Ivan Luiz Maria

  22. Jean

  23. José Inácio de Sousa 

  24. Laênio Loche 

  25. Marcelo Pires

  26. Márcio Niemeyer

  27. Maria De Falcis

  28. Maria Isolete Nágera

  29. Precília

  30. Ricardo Dias

  31. Ricardo Rezende Dias

  32. Roberto Otuzi

  33. Sandra Kessler

  34. Vânia Cabral

  35. Vânia Hernandes

  36. Wildenilson Sinhorini 

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