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Consciential Paradigm 

Leading theory of conscientiology based on the consciousness itself.

Conscientiology is the“Science that studies consciousness in an integral, holosomatic, multi-dimensional, multimillennial, multiexistential way and, above all, according to its reactions to immanent energies and consciential energies, as well as in its multiple states of thosenic manifestations” (VIEIRA, 1997, p. 66).

  • Self-experimentation: underpins consciousness' research as of self-experimentation. Projectiology is considered Conscientiology's practical and experimental segment since the phenomenon of lucid projection (LP) is the most important tool for the study of consciousness.

  • Bioenergetics: the existence as well as the lucid application of bioenergies through the energosoma (energo + soma), taking into account the immanent and consciential energies.

  • Cosmoethics: its moral philosophy is cosmoethical or cosmic morality - a principle that takes into account interpersonal relationships; different vehicles of manifestation, the quality of thoughts, feelings and energy, and their multidimensional effects.

  • Holosomatics: it admits the existence of the holosoma (holo + soma) - the consciousness' set of manifestation vehicles composed of the physical body; the energosoma; the psychosoma and the mentalsoma.

  • Multidimensionality: a consciousness manifests itself in multiple dimensions. Therefore, through lucid projections or out-of-body experiences, the conscin has the opportunity to verify the extraphysical reality.

  • Seriality: it upholds the principle that the consciousness is multi-existential and multi-milenar, that is, the personality is subjected to a cycle of multiple successive human lives, interspersed by the intermissive period in the extraphysical dimension.

  • Universalism: the set of ideas derived from the universality of basic laws of nature and from the universe, which throughout all fields of research envelops the consciential micro-universe.



Specialty of conscientiology applied to studies and research on the personal and group existential program of people, in general, and their respective evolutionary effects (VIEIRA, 2007, p. 210).



The personal proexis is the specific existential program of each intraphysical consciousness (conscin) in its new life in this human dimension, planned before the somatic rebirth (resoma) of consciousness, still extra-physical (consciex) (VIEIRA, 2011, p. 9) .

Existential planning |  Existential project |  Pre-intraphysical mandate |  Existential goal

Projections of Consciousness

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