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Module 1

August 20th

From 9 am to 12 pm

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PROEXIS CYCLE - Module 1: Existential Programming

• What is the meaning of life? 

 • What is your role in the world?

• Do you feel an emptiness or something to accomplish?

Awareness of our own existence generates a series of concerns. Among the main existential concerns is the question of what is the meaning of life. Generally, existential meaning arises when you have a purpose.

For conscientiology, this objective or major purpose of life corresponds to the concept of existential programming or proexis. The proexis is the set of significant, exclusive and non-transferable goals and strategies of each person's life, of a transcendent, interassistantial and cosmoethical nature, aiming at the personal, collective evolution of humanity and other beings.

Helping to understand what existential programming is the proposal of module 1 of the Proéxis Cycle .


Key question for this module: What is existential programming?


• Find meaning in life from your existential programming (proexis).
• Understand your life purpose through the transcendent and evolutionary approach.
• Understand the main features of existential programming.

Program content:

1.Notions and distinctions: meaning of life, purpose, vocation, mission, life project, sva dharma, ikigai.
2. Consciential paradigm: multiple dimensions, pluri-lives, consciousness, evolution, karma, multi-existential cycle.
3. Concept of proexis: existential planning, evolutionary optimization, intermissive course, assistance.
4. Composition of the proexis (objectives, target audience, resources, stages), rational laws, types (mini and maxiproexis,...)
5. Specialty Proexology; ICAPEX; State of the Art (chronology, publications, events, SEAPEX, radio).


• Interactive online classes.
Downloadable texts and slides .
• Free access indications: articles, entries, videos and others.
• Suggestions for parapsychic activities: individual techniques.

Faculty:  Multidisciplinary team with more than 24 professors - volunteers from different cities and countries.

This module can be taken autonomously, independently of the others (individual registration), or as an integral part of the   Complete Course   ( full registration ).

Did you have any doubts?

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