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Existential Balance
Evolutionary Resilience
from the 26th to the 28th of February 2022

Discover What is Existential Balance

Our life is one of the most precious possessions we have.


Living is a great opportunity to:

• develop ourselves;
• relate to each other;
• to learn;

• but mainly, to evolve.

However, many, despite considering life their greatest asset, do not find time to reflect on it! Think where are they going? Are they on the right path or going astray?

Due to the juggernaut of everyday life, the hustle and bustle of everyday life, bills to pay, professional pressures, family responsibilities, they end up letting life run without stopping to evaluate it.

In this context, the Existential Balance course appears whose proposal is to help you evaluate the results of your life so far, as well as outline an existential project for the future.



In this course you will make a true inventory, lifting your:

• mistakes and successes
• failures and achievements
• losses and gains

In all areas of your life such as profession, relationships, family, finance, volunteering, parapsychism, personal, among others, and then establish a balance of the results achieved in each of them.

And then draw up an action plan for the next 3 to 5 years, including goals and strategies for self-fulfillment.

All this through a specially developed workbook that you will fill out throughout the course. Therefore, at the end of the event, you leave with a real dossier about your life and project for the coming years.


In 2022 the Balance will be 100% online . From Saturday to Monday of Carnival.

It includes moments of:

• reflection oriented towards the elaboration of the personal existential balance;
• collaborative activities;
• And case studies through conferences and interviews with specially selected guests each year.


This course is carried out by the International Association of Existential Programming – APEX in partnership with the Center for Higher Studies in Conscientiology – CEAEC.

Life is very important. Don't leave your life in the background. Come join the Existential Balance!!!!



Leonardo Rodrigues

Proexological realignment with Bárbara Ceotto

• Halo effect of consciential self-healing.
• Seriexological recomposition and mutual gratitude.
• Growth-re-education crisis.

Psychologist, Acupuncturist, Pharmacist, Graduate Professor, Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro, RJ; Conscientiology volunteer since 2010; organizer and reviewer of the book Diário de Autocura – from Illness to Consciential Health; professor in Conscientiology since 2010; penta practitioner since 2006.

Amaury Pontieri

Experiences and recycling from covid-19

• Isolation and psychological effects in 2020.
• Illness, intubation and critical experiences.
• Renewals and challenges in the post-illness period.


Graduated in Social Communication – Journalism. Postgraduate in Business Management. Conscientiology volunteer for 27 years. Teacher. Coordinator of the Parapedagogy area at Comunicons. 


Daniela Miari

Overcoming Existential Crises

• Alien Syndrome.
• Mesological Influence.
• Illness and Break-even Point

Alexander Steiner

Courage in Destiny Decisions

• Evolutionary Considerations.
• Coping with Counterflows.
• Supporting controversial positions.

Magali e Jeffrey_edited.jpg

Magali Ornellas &    Jeffrey Lloyd

Synergistic International Doubles

• Synchronicities in the evolutionary duo.
• Contributions and existential challenges.
• Shared vision and projects.

Are you in the habit of summarizing your life every day?  "The most justified in the personal existential balance, at the end of intraphysical life, is not how much was spent, but in which the existential contributions received were applied for the evolutionary achievement of the self-proexis."

(Orthopensat lexicon)

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