Find out what the Existential Balance is!

Life is our most precious legacy, and living is a great opportunity to develop ourselves; connect with each other; learn; but mainly, to evolve.


Yet, despite considering life our greatest asset, many of us do not take the time to reflect on it! To think about where we are going. If we are on the right path or going astray.


Due to the day-to-day steamroller, daily rush, bills to pay, professional pressures, and family responsibilities, we end up letting life race on and on without stopping to assess it.


The Existential Balance Course arises out of this context and its purpose is to help you evaluate the results of your life so far, as well as to outline an existential blueprint for the future. It is a chance to stop and do an inventory of your own:


  • mistakes and successes. 

  • failures and achievements. 

  • losses and gains.

You will be able to break down every area of your life such as your career, relationships, finances, volunteer work, parapsychism, among others, and then establish a balance of the results achieved in each one of them.


Next, you will devise an action plan for the next 3 to 5 years, including goals and strategies to achieve self-fulfillment.


A comprehensive workbook will be provided to you at the beginning of the event. So, in the end, you will have completed a real dossier about your life and have an action plan for the next few years.



In 2022 the Existential Balance will have on-campus and online classes. From Saturday to Monday of Carnival.

In this event, there are moments of:

• reflection upon making up your personal existential balance;
• collaborative activities;
• practical workshops such as Conscienciotherapy;
• energetic-parapsychic activities with specialized extraphysical helpers;
• and above all, seminars and interviews featuring case studies of specially selected guests each year.



Considering the Covid situation is still in progress, we will be using the safety protocols recommended by CEAEC.



This course is conducted by the International Association of the Existential Program - APEX in partnership with the Center for the Higher Studies of Conscientiology - CEAEC.

Life is too important. Don't leave your life in the background.

Join us!

Are you in the habit of summarizing your life every day?  "The most justified in the personal existential balance, at the end of intraphysical life, is not how much was spent, but in which the existential contributions received were applied for the evolutionary achievement of the self-proexis."

(Orthopensat lexicon)