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Existential Balance Course

The course aims to provide the student with a self-assessment of the results obtained in his life so far, as well as outlining the existential project.


1. Develop cognitive skills on the concepts of Proexology.
2. Raise ego, group and polykarmic needs.
3. Identify personal obstacles to carrying out the proexis.


Program content:

  • Fundamentals of Existential Self-Management.

  • Conscious well-being.

  • AGE steps.

  • Pro-proexis and anti-proexis forces.

  • Existential semiology.

  • Existential strategies.

  • Consciential self-organization.

  • Self-parapsychism applied to proexis.

  • Self-support in maxiproexis.

Existential Self-Management Course

The course aims to provide useful information for the management of areas of life in order to assist in the satisfactory execution of existential self-programming.


  • Reconciling the different areas of life through self-organization.

  • Increase productivity and existential evolutionary yield.

  • Create prophylactic measures against adversities in the fulfillment of the proexis.

Financial Intelligence and Proexis Course

The course aims to promote the development of the ability to manage one's finances with the aim of acquiring, sustaining and multiplying financial resources for the satisfactory achievement of personal existential programming.


  • Relationships between personal finance and existential programming.

  • Assist in the elaboration of strategies for the construction of the nest egg.

  • Foster the application of financial resources in evolutionary investments.


Content  Programmatic:

  • Foundations of financial intelligence.

  • Budget and financial self-diagnosis.

  • Prevention of backflows – security.

  • Personal nest egg training.

  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

  • Evolutionary investments.


International Congress of Proexology – CIPROÉXIS

The International Congress of Proexology is the annual scientific event, without prerequisites, held in Foz do Iguaçu, PR, which aims at the dissemination, exchange and open debate of research and technical studies related to Proexology Science.

Penta and Proexis EaD Course

The course aims to present concepts for consciential self-development based on a greater understanding and realization of one's own life goals related to taristic cosmoethical interassistantiality.


  • Clarify the fundamentals of the Personal Energetic Task.

  • Understand the interactions between Penta and proexis.

  • Foster the qualification of Penta.


​Program content:

  • Proexis and interassistantiality.

  • Penta Technique.

  • Penta self-management.

  • Penta inventory.

  • Penta Qualification.

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