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Proexic Field Course

Group parapsychic immersion course, which predisposes the lucid conscin to healthy inspirations and the self-thosenic expansion regarding the self-understanding of existential programming, the greater understanding of personal mistakes and successes, the analysis of destiny decisions, definition of proexological priorities, and positioning evolution, the constructive renewal of intraphysical existence and the dynamization of personal evolution, towards the complexis.

Through a proexic energy field, the course aims to favor the expansion of SELF-LUCIDITY regarding EXISTENTIAL PROGRAMMING, realignment with evolutionary SELF-PRIORITIES or correction of the personal EVOLUTIONARY COURSE in intraphysical life.


Program content

  1. Determinants of the content of existential programming.

  2. The proexis identification criteria.

  3. Interassistantial identity.

  4. Self-evolving needs.

  5. Interassistantial target audience.

  6. Interassistantial problems and solutions.

Identification Course
of the Proexis Guidelines

The course provides reflection on the determining factors of the content of existential programming and the mapping of personal interassistantial identity.


1. Identify the personal line of the proexis.
2. Define the target audience of existential programming.
3. Discover your role in maxiproexis.

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